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Data science enables our 4.5 million members to go on the road in freedom and with a sense of enjoyment, and you can help make that happen!

Waar je aan werkt

As a data scientist for the ANWB, you will be working within a unique organisation: one that supplies countless products and services for mobility and leisure activities, with components such as an insurance company, over 80 shops, a heavily visited website, a travel organisation, an Emergency Centre, and the Roadside Assistance Service. These divisions generate a great deal of data, which you can utilise as a data scientist to optimise and innovate operations within the ANWB organisation. Here are some examples of what you could be working on as a data scientist within the ANWB:

  • Connected Car – The ultimate goal is to predict when, where, why and for whom breakdowns occur, so that we will be better able to prevent them. We have divided this problem into smaller chunks, and are currently going live with a model that is able to predict the breakdown component.
  • Various NLP projects – We analyse open answers in this regard that are submitted in various surveys.
  • Model construction on online data – we look at the effect in this regard of the click behaviour on our website. Can we determine from the click behaviour that the site isn’t entirely clear? Or can we increase our conversions by way of assessing click behaviour?

As you can tell, the types of assignments are extremely diverse. You will have a great deal of input in the work you will be assigned to, and you can of course submit your own ideas.

The ACE team, Analytics Center of Excellence, is the expertise centre for data science activities within the ANWB. ACE is a centralised team; this entails that we carry out tasks throughout the entire ANWB organisation. You are in fact a consultant in the field of data science within the ANWB. The following tasks are key in your role as a data scientist for the ANWB:

  • Developing machine learning and AI solutions and the related stakeholder management
  • Offering ideas and sparring with regard to possible solution strategies concerning data science for the various business lines
  • Getting models production-ready (batch-driven or via an API)
  • Sparring partner in technical matters for immediate colleagues

In addition, you will convey the importance and the possibilities in the field of data science within the ANWB.

Hebben we een match?

You are able to operate on a scientific research-oriented professional and intellectual level in a relevant field, such as econometrics, business analytics, applied mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence etc. You will also have extensive experience (over 2 years) in applying various algorithms and models, such as regression models, decision trees, neural networks and clustering. In addition to running the models, you are able to adapt and apply the results to a business context, and you are experienced in getting models production-ready. Your background will include the following:

  • Proficient at coding in Python and experienced in Bash
  • You have a great deal of experience with frameworks such as Scikit-learn and Plotly.
  • Frameworks such as Tensorflow, PyTorch and Keras are an advantage.
  • You are used to working with developer tools such as virtual environments, Git, Jupyter and Docker
  • Good communication skills at all levels; both in a business and IT context, and able to clearly explain the models and results to everyone
  • You are pragmatic in your approach; you are able to compartmentalise problems into small chunks, in order to obtain swift results
  • Creative and a go-getter; you come up with ideas
  • Curious and keen to learn; you always like to keep up to speed with the developments concerning data science
  • Experience with cloud environments such as Apache-Spark and AWS (S3, EC2, lambda functions, Beanstalk, EMR, Redshift) is an advantage
  • Experience with SCRUM is an advantage

Waar in de organisatie

The ACE team currently consists of three data scientists, and operates, as mentioned before, ANWB-wide. In view of the volume of work, we maintain a strong ambition to grow, and are aiming to extend the team to 6 or 7 data scientists. In addition to the ACE team, we also have a model team. This team is responsible for setting up and managing a model factory whereby the opportunity of a proposition is determined, so that we are able to offer the right proposition to the right member via the correct channel at the right moment. The teams both work on their own goals, but there’s enough scope to exchange knowledge and to spar about various models. Both teams are part of the Customer & Digital division, where, in conjunction with some 60 colleagues, we help shape the development and optimisation of customer journeys and personalised marketing via all of those channels/ touchpoints that the customers/ members have with the ANWB, such as, App(s) the Call Center, the ANWB shops, Chat, and The Customer & Digital division is the pulsating analysis and data hub of the ANWB organisation, and helps shape the digital transition of the ANWB. In addition to challenging work and great colleagues, we also offer a good salary, as well as:

  • An end-of-year bonus of 5.58 %
  • ANWB and Roadside Assistance Service membership for your car or bike
  • Contribution towards your car commute
  • Full cover of your commuting public transport costs
  • 25 days’ leave and 13 ADV (reduction in working hours) per year on the basis of a full-time contract
  • The option to save for extra leave
  • Full training, and development opportunities at our ANWB Academy Various collective arrangements you can take part in, with interesting discounts and arrangements for all available ANWB products and services
  • A great pension scheme

min. € 2.741,81 - max. € 5.267,12 bruto per maand


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