Dutch Mobility Hackathon

Become a mobility hero?

On 22-23 November the ANWB, HTM, NS, RET and VWPFS are organising the third edition of the Dutch Mobility Hackathon at the Headquarters of ANWB in The Hague. The only mobility hackathon where you can be limitless and make the Netherlands smarter, more flexible, greener and safer!

Ready, set, GO: Make mobility flow!

What the hack is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a competition in which teams work together to build and design solutions for a problem or challenge in a very limited time. The duration of a hackathon varies, however most hackathons are organized in +/- 24 hours. After this time the various solutions will be presented to a leading jury and the best solution(s) will win a prize.

Since the capacity of urban public roads and the rail network will become insufficient to meet the increasing demand for mobility, we are looking for new, cutting-edge solutions in mobility and travelling within (public) transport. The main goal is to find solutions to prevent that the traffic in the Netherlands will get (even more) stuck in the upcoming years.

Curious about the Dutch Mobility Hackathon of last year? Check out our aftermovie!

Why you don’t want to miss out?

Who are we looking for?

During the Dutch Mobility Hackathon you will experience how mind-blowing and super cool a hackathon can be. In +/- 24 hours our mentors will learn you more about methodologies, such as Design Thinking and Lean Start-up, and also you will meet new people with different backgrounds. Groups will be formed by diving into your strengths. To top all of that off the total amount of the prizes you can win this year will be over >10K!

We are looking for Mobility Heroes in the field of development, UX/UI design, data science, marketing and entrepreneurship. Even though technology and data will play a key role in building and designing solutions, you don’t actually need to be a ‘techie’. On the contrary: during a hackathon it is also about pragmatic and creative thinking. Therefor we encourage everybody with a passion for mobility to register and become a mobility hero!